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Okay... Which would you rather see? (They will be shirtless....) 

2 deviants said Takumi removing the shirt of a butler outfit.
1 deviant said I don't know/all of the above/other/ect...
No deviants said Ethan injured without a shirt.
No deviants said Ethan removing the top of a stright jacket.

Drawn by Description: Parent Characters
-You will draw a pair of existing characters that don't yet have drawings submitted here by me. I will give written descriptions of the characters, and after the contest, I will submit their drawings here; prior to the contest, however, I will/have draw(n) them, so no one will be influenced by my drawings and I won't be influenced by others.

-April 30th or May 31st? Depends on how much time people need. Please comment below if you want to enter and I will set a date that will work for everyone participating.

-Have fun
-Draw one of these couples (More information, including descriptions at the bottom of the journal): Lonan and Monica Talasa(Parents of Evith, Crow, and Dmitri), Jon and Annie Tasilu(Parents of Oneri and Ari), Cinaed and Hoshi Dracoon(Parents of Xexion, Akash, and Takumi), Lux and Liora Blood(Parents of Lucius(aka: Blood) and Uri), Anthony and Ashlin Ashford(Parents of Mark and Tony), Graham and Eleanor Blythe(Parents of Ether), Kiros and Tefas(Parents of Teilos), or Jack and Ellias(Parents of Culos). (As an interesting fact all these characters, minus Lux, Graham, and maybe Jack(he is 62'ish years old?) are dead...)

What you can do:
-Must be a picture (colored sketch, flat color, fully colored, painting, ect...). Must have color to them.
-Meaning no literature or comics (I love comics, but this contest really wouldn't work all that well with them, I don't think, and literature just won't work for one of the goals), ect...
-You can enter two at most, I will choose your best entry when I judge them; Extra Entry doesn't count toward this...

-If you want, you may draw an Extra Entry(see next point for what this is), this will be a sort of art trade, in which you will get a Character Sheet similar to this one: .
-Extra Entry: Choose a couple and draw them in their true forms. Characters that have a secondary "true" form are these: Lonan(Darkness Demon), Monica(Time Demon; example: ), Cinaed(European/Western Dragon), Hoshi(Asian(Japanese)/Eastern Dragon), Lux and Liora(Fire Demons), Kiros, Tefas, and Ellias(Flesh Eaters). If Ellias is chosen draw Jack as a 62'ish year old man or as a flesh eater. Must be colored. Only can enter one for the trade, if you do more, it won't give you more of the Character Sheets... Look at other characters(such as their children) to get an idea of what their true form kind of looks like... I don't have their true forms drawn, yet, so for this I will ask you ahead of time if you do one, so I can draw at least a sketch of them before you submit it.

1st Place:
- Two Characters Full Color, No Background or Simple Background
-Line Art of One of Your Characters, or if you want, One of Your Characters with One of My Characters(most likely non-canon, so can be anything)
-Non-Canon Short Story(3-10 pages) of Two of Your Characters or One of Yours and One Somebody Else's Original Characters(preferable a couple; must have profiles or enough details for them)
- Journal Feature
- 25%-Off Coupon off of Commissions
2nd Place:
- Two Characters Flat Color, No Background or Gradient Background
-Sketch of One of Your Characters, or if you want, One of Your Characters with One of My Characters(most likely non-canon, so can be anything)
- Non-Canon Short Story(1-5 pages) of Two of Your Characters or One of Yours and One Somebody Else's Original Characters(preferable a couple; must have profiles or enough details for them)
- Journal Feature
- 15%-Off Coupon off of Commissions
3rd Place:
- Two Character Line Art
-Sketch of One of your Characters
- Journal Feature
- 5%-Off Coupon off of Commissions
- Everyone will get a Mini-Journal Feature with their entry(ies)
*Journal Features will be three artworks I like the most along with your prize winning artwork, and other entries if you have them. Mini-Journal Features will only have your entry and a sentence or two.*
*Find Commission Information Here: . Prices are actually going to be half of the listed, since I am having a sell going on.*

Descriptions of the Couples + Other Information (Children and Very Short Story):
-Talasa (Evith, Crow, and Dmitri's parents. The two meet when Lonan became a butler to the Genocide family; Monica was already working there as a maid. Cruel like usual the Genocide family didn't want them to get married after they had fallen in love, instead they wished for Lonan to marry into their family. They escaped, stole a space ship, and were exiled. Lonan's Prequel Chapter 1: Exile)
Lonan: Darkness demon; birthmark right hand; right hand fingernails are black. Crimson eyes. Short black hair with a blond group at the back, similar to Evith and Dmitri. Black horn on his forehead. Very pale skin. Tall/lanky. Dark colored clothing: mainly black and reds, but also other dark colors.
Monica: Time demon; birthmark right hand; right hand fingernails are purple. Pastel purple eyes. Jaw length silver hair. Carries a small silver pocket watch that has hands like the ones on her birthmark. Clothing is usually more feminine, dresses, skirts, ect, but think typical darker clothing and maybe some decoration not overly fancy things.

-Tasilu (Oneri and Ari's parents. The two knew each other as kids and despite denying it loved each other after they became young adults. They both become merchants, and one day when they were in space, the noticed Lonan and Monica, since they decided to help demons, they were exiled.)
Jon: Angel. Blue-green eyes. Very short golden blond hair. Tan skin. Muscular. Clothing is light or bright colors, doesn't wear many dark ones.
Annie: Angel. Dark wood brown eyes. Long silver blond hair. Slim. Clothing is usually dresses but will wear jeans on some occasions.

-Dracoon (Xexion, Akash, and Takumi's parents. The two met a little after Cinaed moved to the planet. Hoshi got on the same bus as him by coincidence, and they started talking, became friends, and a while later realized they were in love. Cinead's Prequel Chapter 1: The Brightest Star)
Cinaed: Dragon, European/Western. Green eyes. Messy blood red hair. Pale skin, maybe a few freckles. Tall. Wears glasses. Usually in his lab coat and wears lots of green, gold/brown, and other colors that are dark colored.
Hoshi: Dragon, Asian/Eastern; more specifically Japanese. Gold eyes. Silky black hair. Lightly tanned skin. Petite. Wears clothing ranging from Kimonos to t-shirt and jeans. Usually wears pastels or black clothing.

-Blood (Lucius[Blood] and Uri's parents. The two met when Liora bumped into him while doing some research. Liora convinced and brought Lux to a cult that wanted to bring back Gias. Of course, they had begun to fall in love after working together. However, it may be noted Lux went insane.)
Lux: Fire demon; birthmark left hand; left hand fingernails are red. Blue eyes. Blue hair. Scrawny and tall. If drawn in his lab coat, it is tattered at the ends and has various stains on it. I don't think of him as clean while working.
Liora: Fire demon; birthmark left eye, iris. Green right eye, left eye is red. Ashy brown hair. If drawn in her lab coat she must be wearing pants, but otherwise can be in anything.

-Ashford (Mark and Tony's parents. The two lived in the same city, but hadn't met each other until one day they both ended up alone at a cafe. When they left, Anthony protected Ashlin from a vampire, but in turn, she had actually save him from one as well, since he hadn't known the second one was there. They started seeing each other, eventually dating, and finally got married.)
Anthony: Human. Green eyes. Black hair. Aaron's son. Muscular. Usually wears vest, jackets, trench coat, button-up shirts, and black pants. Color wise, usually dark colors for his clothing.
Ashlin: Human. Brown eyes. Light brown hair. Usually wears nice blouses and pants, stays away from skirts and dresses.

-Blythe (Ether's parents. Graham met Eleanor when visiting her father to prove alchemy was real and get him to help fund his journey to find out how to become immortal, in which he promised immortality to the man's family. Eleanor became fascinated, spent time with Graham, and eventually married him, so she could go with him on his travels. However, when Graham does become immortal, he convinces Eleanor not to do the same, since the exchange is too terrible, but their daughter Elizabeth makes a similar less permanent and pricy version of it for herself later.)
Graham: Human, but is an immortal alchemist. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Average build. Think of old time clothing, nothing modern. Usually has something like a short cape or cloak. Some kind of ouroboros like item or symbol on him somewhere, even a tattoo might work.
Eleanor: Human. Blue eyes. Blond hair. Average build. Think of old time clothing. Doesn't wear pants, only has skirts and dresses. Maybe some glasses.

-Teilos's Parents (These two met as teenagers during one of the celebrations held by Mirias. Afterward, they talked, mated, and decided they were highly compatible, so they became each other's mate.)
Kiros: Flesh Eater. Forest green eyes. Dark brown hair with a braid or braids in it. Muscular. Tan skin. Shorts.
Tefas: Flesh Eater. Bright green eyes. Brown hair all of it is in a braid or two braids. Slightly muscular. Tan skin. Shorts and small sports bra'ish tank top shirt.

-Culos's Parents (Mirros's grandparents. Nothing lovely with the two? Damn, I never thought about how interesting their relationship could be... You can interpret it as Jack is a jackass or that Jack loved her, either way events can still turn out the same, just version 1 she escapes trying to flee from him with help from other flesh eaters, and version 2 some flesh eaters and him help her escape for their child's sake... Honestly, I like version 2, since it makes better sense that she could escape that way, since it would have been even harder if a human hadn't helped. Jack is one of the soldiers in charge of the flesh eater prisoners, either version. Version 1 he raped Ellias, and Version 2 he mated with her in secret after the two have become close friends.)
Jack: Human. Grayish blue eyes. Reddish blond/orange'ish hair. Slightly muscular. Military clothing.
Ellias: Flesh Eater. Green eyes. Brown hair. Not very muscular but some muscles. Light skin. Shorts and a small sports bra'ish tank top shirt.

-Lonan, Monica, Jon, and Annie are murdered by angels(Oneri is involved). Cinaed and Hoshi die in a car crash. Lux goes to prison from trying to revive Gias, and Liora dies trying to do this. Anthony and Ashlin are murdered by vampires(Thyra is the culprit/leader of the ones that killed them). Graham is am immortal thanks to an elixir he made, and Eleanor died from old age. Kiros and Tefas died in the super nova. Jack is 62 years old and whereabouts are unknown, and Ellias died of an illness/broken heart when she was 40.

Characters, Species/Races or variations of(my kind of), Stories, ect © King-Komonasho

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King-Komonasho's Profile Picture
United States
Photo above was taken back on the trip to the Milwaukee Zoo in Wisconsin by my brother Ben. He kinda caught me as I was fixing my hair, but it turned out a nice photo.
Graduated College; have no clue what I'm going to do other than doing something with video games...
My Second Account: (Still need to figure out what to do with it)
My Tumblr Account: (Not using right now)
My Nabyn Account: (I won't be submitting as much here/might stop)
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Before changing my name on this account I was Ladyofthetwilight (a reference to .hack for those that didn't know, but I really didn't care for it anymore; some of my old art will have my old username on it)

Important Information

None of my OCs (original characters) are for your use; they (my OCs) belong to me, and are only for my use.
As long as you credit me as the owner of my OCs you can draw them (please be respectful to them and me), and I'd love if you send me a link of the finished work. =^_^=


I haven't had a problem with this yet, but I know it has happened to other people...
I have created species/races and made variations on species/races and these are closed (not open; as in don't make OCs of these races). They are only for my use. I have a lot of information that I haven't put out on them. Plus, there is a lot of things I haven't fixed or discovered about these species/races, and they are very personal to me, so just don't. Some I have had for a long time, aeatheans I must have had for 10+ years. Please, be respectful of this...
-Dracoon (aeathean/dragon hybrid; actually what the two species/races evolved from)
-Flesh Eater

These are the open species/races I have created:
-Potentia (for more info : )
-Psychicae (for more info : )

Do not take, use, reupload, trace, copy, sell, ect any of my artwork, characters, species/races, ect.
No, you DON'T have permission to use my art (literature, drawings, paintings, animations, photographs, ect) for personal use, selling, posting (on your blogs, websites, back on to deviantART as your artwork, facebook, or any other site), your own projects or artworks (literature, drawn, photo manipulations, ect), tracing, bases (they are no bases to be recolored or edited), or any other use for my art you can possibly think up; that is theft. If you didn't know theft (stealing) is illegal.

However, if you ask me first (as in before you do it, and after I reply), I will allow you to post a link to my artwork; if I tell you that you can.
You may use my art as references, though it would be nice if you credit me if you use them for that purpose.


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